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The manufacturers can also use temperature sensors, audio detectors, microwave sensors or humidity sensors to detect the presence of humans, but the most common are the PIR and the ultrasonic sensors — to get the most reliable motion sensor light switch, it is better to use both for smaller and more significant movement detection.

Since we are in and the smart home is no longer a dream, some light switches have also gained the smart attribute by allowing the users to connect their light switches either directly to a mobile device or to a smart hub using the WiFi connection, so they can remotely turn on or off the lights inside the home.

Lutron is a well-known US-based manufacturer of light control products which are available world-wide and, since it has more than 50 years of experience into building industrial and home-based lighting systems, I did choose the Lutron Maestro sensor light switch, model MS-OPS2 as the main representative of the IR motion sensor light switches and, by taking into account that this is such a renowned brand, I do expect to see a robust and reliable device, despite it not featuring the better dual-technology it lacks the ultrasonic sensor.

The device is completely covered by a white matte finish the default configuration, but the device is available in various colours, such as grey or ivory and the small rectangular protruded piece consists of multiple areas of interest. Removing the cover, exposes a couple of small levers that can be used to adjust the aforementioned blinders and, underneath them, there are three dials: The second dial adjusts the Range of the PIR sensor the sensor can be disabled and the third dial adjusts the ambient Light level: The last area of interest rests underneath the cover and it consists of two cut-outs that cover the ultrasonic sensors and two push buttons, one controls the first relay, while the other controls the second relay.

Pushing either buttons will turn the lights on depending on the specific relay and the lights will stay on until the delayed-Off time timer expires, otherwise, if the lights are on, pressing the button will turn the lights off, which will remain that way even if the room is full of people after the room is vacant, it will resume its functions. The push button can also be used to adjust the sensitivity of the ultrasonic sensor: The motion sensor light switch also uses the Walk-through feature to ensure that if a person enters and then leaves the room before 2.

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The installation process of the Leviton light switch should be done by a professional electrician and, if you feel qualified, make sure that you first turn off the power, then remove the older appliance and identify the line hot , the neutral, ground, load and the secondary load. In real life, I found the dual tech sensors from the Leviton OSSMD-GD to work better and more accurately than on the Enerlites MWOS-W , so, it could easily detect both significant and more finer movements, and, what I really liked is the fact that it can detect human presence even through glass doors extremely useful while showering.

When compared to Lutron, the California-based manufacturer, Enerlites, is a lot younger, but during its 10 years of existence, it has managed to become quite popular in the US, focusing towards building reliable wiring and lighting controls products. Expert Advice on Improving Your Home.

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Motion Sensor Light Switch Wiring Explained

Brought to you by: Creating a Multipurpose Room Nov 13, These wires include 3 individual wires and 2 wires that are glued together. The 2 wires that are glued together will usually have some sort of label attached to them as well. The 2 wires that are glued together are for use in a 3-way switch system, or one where a single light is wired into 2 switches.

However, if you'll only be installing a single switch, you don't need to worry about these wires at all.

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It is only the other 3 wires that you need to be concerned with when installing a motion sensor light switch. The colors of those wires are usually black, green and red.

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