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Please consider turning it on! Nothing quite symbolises a Brit-Abroad more than Gav at the Unauthentic English pub singing queen at 3am in downtown Austin. Surrounded by co-workers and friends its been a bloody top night, but the fun doesn't end there! Hilarity and Sexy-times ensue.. He esperado para subir nuevas cosas para leer pero el trabajo es absorbente y casi no he tenido tiempo , espero que al menos esta ves las actualizaciones sean un poco menos largas de tiempo , gracias por tod s personas que leen lo que escribo los quiero mucho gracias: I really don't have a better description than this: Barbara and Gav are dating.

Barbara is a futa and Gavin is the bottom. Barbara knows the signs. Gavin wants to know a warm touch again. They both want to break the cycle.

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Together, maybe they can. Gavin Free is spending a year in Colorado for a exchange program. Barbara Dunkelman is doing the same. They both know not to fall in love. He's probably my favorite. I hope it works out and you get to go!

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Thanks for all your hard work at RT, Always Open is awesome. Hope long have you been on the rooster teeth podcast? What were you doing before that? How did they choose you to join the show? I've been doing the RT Podcast since early I joined Rooster Teeth December and I didn't go on right away -- although they did pop me on one time just to say hello like "hey, we hired Barbara, she's here now". I don't know why they just chose to start having me on I think they wanted more diversity in the cast and they didn't have very many women at the company at the time, so maybe that was a deciding factor at first; but then we all had really good chemistry together and it became the core cast of me, Gavin, Burnie and Gus.

We jive well together and it's been so much fun. I remember the RT Recap where you announced you got hired and then that happening on the podcast. What has it been like being an attractive women in a company, industry and fanbase that is so male dominated?

First off, thank you for calling me attractive. I'm winking at you through my computer screen. It can be difficult because people will claim that you only got to where you are because of being an attractive woman. I've been told many times that I'm only at Rooster Teeth or on the podcast because "I'm pretty". And that's hurtful, especially when I feel I've worked very hard to get to where I am.

Always Open

It discounts all your effort when people chalk up your success to "good looks". I thought you got hired for your dick-drawing ability! I mean, they had to have that on the team.

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Seeing as you're a fan favourite personality from the cast of Rooster Teeth who has a more active role in front of the camera, did you find that there was a challenging adjustment period at first when people first began noticing you in public places? More to that end, do you find that all of the information you regularly share about your personal life on podcast appearances and the like ever conflicts with the occasional need for privacy and anonymity that we all share?

There definitely was a HUGE adjustment when I started being more in front of the camera, and getting noticed. It was something I was and still am very awkward about; the fact that anyone cares about who I am and wants to meet me is very surreal. I became very aware of everything I did and said publicly and on social media because you realize that hundreds of thousands of people are watching and listening. I've always been myself though, since I don't know how else to be. I'm very lucky that there have been enough people who accept me and who I am, and I've enjoyed sharing my life with our community.

I've also always felt that our privacy is respected for the most part and we're very lucky for that. I share a lot, but am still very particular about what I share. If you could revive a discontinued Roosterteeth product, whether that be a show, podcast, merch etc, what would you choose and why? I think I would would revive Nature Town -I loved it, and it was so fun and cute.

I'd love to see it come back and for people to see it who missed it, since it ended over 7 years ago, I think? This is Naturetown , for those who missed it back then. What was the most surprising difference between filming Blood Fest and other RT productions? Anything you weren't prepared for being on set for a full length feature vs say a MDB short? All I can really say is that it was different, but in such a great way. Being able to be on set for a number of days gave me an opportunity to really understand the character and get immersed in the Blood Fest world.

I'm so used to doing one or two days on set for a short, or MDB, and it's a very quick in-and-out experience heh.

Always Open - Roosterteeth

Blood Fest felt like summer camp, and it became a family with all the cast and crew there. I'm so proud of what we made, and can't wait for the world to see it. Now not living there anymore it's harder to follow hockey, especially being in Texas, but I try to catch games when I can and support them when I can.

Rogers NHL Live is the easiest way to watch games while away! What RT and greater family shows are still a must watch for you every time a new episode comes out? I love all of our animated shows Camp Camp is one of my all-time favorites. Hey barb, luh yew. You've got such amazing confidence in your work. You're brave and outspoken and it seems like you can take on the world with a hand behind your back. Has it always been this way for you? What have you the confidence to reach out to Burnie and Gus and the rest of the team in the beginning? How do you drive yourself?

Can't wait for Blood Fest!

Love, a fellow Canadian girl: I definitely did not have any confidence growing up, and I'm still to this day am pushing myself to have confidence in a lot of ways. There's a quote that I love that I've said so many times on podcasts and other AMAs, it's "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. Also know that it can take time - developing confidence in yourself doesn't happen over night, and can be challenging when you're still trying to figure yourself out and growing up.

I think our community has helped me a lot and given me a ton of confidence.

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Having support from people you cherish and admire is something I will carry with me my entire life. I don't have a question, I just wanted to say that I admire you! Thanks for being your authentic self on camera. Women like you have helped me become more confident about showing my authentic self in my daily life. You doing an impression of Cib's "Through the Wire" dance is one of the greatest things I have seen, thank you for that, however long ago that may have been.

I love all those guys, and love working with them. But honestly, I'd be happy to do anything with those groups, including going out to LA and having a camera shoved in my face, later edited with some classy Steve Suptic narration. I kinda have a funny story for this. My parents and I took my 3 year old nephew out to Olive Garden. He had 3 dollars on him and he said he was gonna buy us breadsticks there.