Awkward after hook up

You had a good time, right? After you do that laundry, of course. Go get some fucking brunch and enjoy your day. In fact, if you can avoid drinking and the subsequent emotions that are the byproduct of drinking, it will help. If you DO need something to take the edge off, opt for half a Xanax. Send him a nice, honest text and call it a day. He responds and things end up going well?

Anyone who shames you for your sexuality is a fucking asshole and a complete waste of time. An amazing, smart and interesting lady like yourself deserves so much more than that nonsense. At the end of the day you have got to remember this: But a guy you fuck after three hours of chatting and making out at the bar is rarely going to be your boyfriend.

Live your very best life and always know that one night stands are a part of life, they make the best stories and are all a part of growing up.


Life is hard, but it's better when you're not alone. Sign up for our newsletter and get our Self-Care and Solidarity eBook just because we love you! Skip to main content. Create a makeshift outfit and stride-of-pride the fuck outta there. Go hang out with some friends.

TBH, text him if you want to. See the bigger picture. You got this, babe. There's sexual interest, and then there's relationship interest.

How To Let Go Of Your Insecurities After A Hookup

Men and women experience both kinds, but in different ways. For men, sexual interest is pretty much a constant for any attractive woman. The only variable is whether or not he also experiences relationship interest as well, and that depends entirely on her demeanour. Women are unique in that they often experience either sexual and relationship interest simultaneously, or they only experience relationship interest.

Most women are not prone to experiencing only sexual interest. The ones who are are typically more aggressive, more competitive, and more pseudo-masculine than average women. Again, I suspect this might make you something of an outlier. Women don't often have sex unless they feel comfortable that it's going to cement their relationship with a guy in some way. That fact necessarily implies that she's investing in something beyond simple carnal pleasure. Do you find yourself to be more aggressive or competitive than the average woman in your age-group?

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I don't think that's true. I think most women and men can feel sexual interest and relationship interest either separately or combined. Maybe when I was growing up in the Midwest. I think on the West Coast, I'm far less remarkable that way. If a girl immediately jumps to this after we've had sex once we're never having sex again For whatever reason she didn't get off, and she feels awkward about it. Sometimes sex just plain isn't as good as you think it should be with a lady when you get it on.

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Too much pressure, too much drink; there are a ton of reasons why sex goes bad. It's happened to me a couple of times. I am sort of stumped by this too. A while back I slept with a friend and colleague. Sex was incredible and I definitely wanted to see her again. She appeared to feel the same way, said so in more than one email and text, she even sent some pics worth gonewild.

7 Post-Hookup Protocols You Need To Start Practicing | Thought Catalog

Then out of the blue, she just sort of disappeared of the grid. Hard to do since we work and live in the same building. The few times I bumped into her she was the definition of awkward. I figured she was going through something and told her not worry about what happened between us.

It did not help the awkwardness. At one point I was pretty upset by this, I wanted to at least find out if I did something wrong. In time I realized the reason for the awkwardness was pretty big. She was going through one of those confused about what it all meant moments in life. Sometimes the awkwardness has nothing to do with you. More often than not there is nothing you can do about it anyways. I have yet to experience a time a woman was not awkward for the first couple of meet ups after we have had sex, outside of relationship of course. Awkwardness means someone doesn't know what the right way to act is. Usually it means she just doesn't know what the social dynamic is supposed to be at this point. If you're still into her, come up and say hi and such and let her know how you're feeling. Not with my SO, but with one night stands it gets akward. I think it means she's trying to gtfo after I please her.

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